cuckoo1Sometimes a little madness is all you need to act sane. Be honest, would the divorced neighbour with the long black hair, leather briefcase and silicone chest even notice? What about the sloth on the couch who can’t keep a job, would he? No? I thought so! But where does that leave those of us searching for a place to Just Be? If not hanging on the edge with the ghastly knowledge of sand slipping through time – and I don’t mean your daily dose of soaps – then where? We all know the drill, the one where Life vs Living. There’s little freedom. We’re all kept, constrained by life’s banalities of bonds, bosses and boredom. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to write to your favourite pen-pal, remember those? Spilling your guts about the ordinary and yet emoting a sense of camaraderie, belonging. Then of course, there’s the glorious anticipation of a note in return. Heaven forbid we reach out, touch someone, mean what we say or declare our undying love (cupid left the building soon after Elvis) – ohmygod, the very thought makes me cringe, all those what ifs!! Nope in our world, self-protection is paramount. So what do we do when we finally decide its time to break free from restrictions? Well, I say let the sense of freedom seduce you, buy a cuckoo clock and when it strikes – do a Jack and JUMP! Just make sure it’s in the deep end!