Once upon a time…they lived happily ever after. The End. What is it about fairy tales that make every little girl dream of a shining knight to save the day? These cunning tales never mentioned possibly dating an alcoholic serial philanderer. Sadly, the dream doesn’t end when you hit forty. Only now, we experience the dream with a vague sense of skepticism – yeah right, like he’s going to take-on the modern-day concept of shared responsibility! Nope, to coin an overused death wish – a woman’s work is never done and no matter what your dream is – the existence of Mr Right is all wrong. Think of Cinderella and Snow White – both were thrown into the daily task of housekeeping. Strangely, and another twist to reality – Snow White seemed much happier in her duties surrounded by all those little men in her life – what does that tell us? To get back to my original question; at forty there’s infinitely more frogs beguiling the fairer sex. None of which turn into a handsome prince armed with chivalrous charms. Moreover, let’s face it, at this age, looks don’t feature on our top ten list of ‘must-haves’. Now, as long as they have a job, a car and can pay for a meal every so often – we announce to the world we’ve found the one. Hmf, talk about lowering standards – not to mention shattered dreams. So what do we do when we don’t believe in fairy tales any more? Well I say forget about knights, they don’t exist (except in those damned sexist fairy tales of course). Start chanting I won’t kiss a frog, I won’t kiss a frog, I won’t kiss a frog and enjoy a delicious meal of les cuisses de grenouille with a copy of Sex and the City for inspiration. And lastly, to all women who’ve kissed a frog or few… in today’s world every day should be women’s day.