Dating is like riding a bike, once you know how you never forget. Oh yes, it’s remembered alright; not only for its vivid euphoria but also for the scars left on your knees (and other body parts not to be named here). What is it about memories of bruised egos and broken hearts that make it so damned hard to settle on a new set of wheels? Well, after you’ve reached a certain age, choice is limited. You no longer have the luxury of coveting a swanky new bike with 12 speeds (all in good working order). No, you’re left to peruse the pre-owned want-ads, each sprouting cheers in their support; only one owner (too naïve), without a scratch (the one that got away), never let me down (that’s a first), low maintenance (say what) … fortunately wisdom comes with age (smile). So the fact they’ve all been test-driven up the yin-yang, seats moulded into shape by previous riders, shouldn’t bother you. After years of practice you’ve honed your riding skills to perfection, you know what you want, or do you? As your eyes prowl what’s available (and what’s not) you subconsciously steer clear of tiresome up-hills, avoid free-loading (grin, I meant rolling) down-hills and aim for the straight stretch. Sadly, you know the road ahead is never easy, especially when your wheels are worn thin from all the baggage, not to mention your rusty chain. So what do you do when you’re finally ready to hop on a new bike?  Well, you could pretend it’s Christmas, you’re five years old and gleefully jump on your shiny two-wheeler. Sound simple? It is – but only because that one came with training wheels. Okay when I say three you’ll snap out of it and return to reality. Three! A better idea would be to polish your protective gear, lace-up your racing shoes, leave the baggage behind and just enjoy the ride. After all, isn’t that what memories are made of? Words of warning though, never choose a tandem or a bike with a side-car.

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