Okay, so I’m divorced, too close to 40 and dateless (did I mention divorced??). Of course, the missing bits of my biography could be a blockbuster, but that’s for another time.  I’ve been living in ‘singletoncity’ for a while now, 451 days to be exact but who’s counting. Recently I decided to leave Single Filez to visit ‘cybersexvillage’ in search of Mr Perfect (again). You know what they say…if the mountain won’t move, blah, blah, blah. Although this time I had a list as long as my days are dateless. Along the way I couldn’t help but ask the question –  What is about getting older that makes us consider settling for Mr Good Enough, why should we? According to Lori Gottlieb’s Marry Him: The Case for Settling for Mr Good Enough, that’s exactly what we should do. Blughh, can you imagine? Is she for real? Marriage, maybe – settle, never! And I say this because I’m older. I have met Mr Husband, Mr Cheap, Mr Nice, Mr Ohmylord do that again – you get the idea, but I have yet to meet Mr Perfect.  And while on the topic of meetings – how does one even find the idea of dating etiquette within the folds of a singleton mind (note to self must buy I love you, nice to meet you). I actually used that line in an sms just yesterday – nice to meet you, that is – was I wrong? Ahh yes, online datingville here I come, you might know the place – a safe playground (I hope). I plugged in my chosen handle, airbrushed pic, short bio (why me, why you etc) and posted myself into cyberspace, fingers crossed. I wasn’t going to hold my breath for fear of turning blue. It didn’t take too long and let me say this – if I had turned blue, some of the messages would’ve turned me pink. Mygod, what do some of these (I’ll group them under) other Mr Losers think heh, that because I’m older I’m desperate.  No way José, my mission is to find Mr Perfect. It may not have gone smoothly, fingers crossed while I wait for yes, you guessed – the one. So what do you do when you think that maybe Mr Perfect doesn’t exist? Well I say for inspiration read Top ten things men love about older women and maybe as a last resort change the surname to Mr Right but never, never settle! And finally, thank your lucky stars that there’s still time before you’ll have to consider accepting the first half-decent man who’ll have you and even then who knows, he may just be Mr Right.