Animals pee on stuff, sniff butts, secrete love potion and fluff their finery; all in pursuit of the dirty deed. Ag shame, it does seem like hard work! But it also got me wondering; what is it about our senses that drive us to sniff out a suitable mate – not always one that matches our beauty blueprint? Sometimes our suitors seem more like an ugly duckling but we still want them, why? It seems smell plays a vital role in our meet-a-mate search. The most basic explanation for this scent of arousal can be blamed on our nose which is linked the part of our brain that controls emotions, sex and hormones. Who knew? Just the hint of Andros-tenone, -tenol, -terone, -tadienone and whiff! our rational brain stops working. It becomes consumed by a giddy, weak at the knees, butterflies in the stomach feeling of elation. Aha moment! Blame it on pheromones – the scent of foreplay – a heady promise of fragrant attraction.  And I’m not talking about grandma’s kitchen. According to science, these magical chemicals are manifested in sweat (and of the armpit. Gasp! For air that is). We’ve all done it; buried our nose in his T-shirt, deeply nuzzled his neck, snapped around at the hint of something luscious in the air, maybe even sniffed his socks – but that’s as far as my confession goes – you may have a few hidden fetishes of your own.

So now we know there’s something more that sways our unconscious mate-radar, what can we do to make sure we seek out this aromatic aphrodisiac? Well, the carnal world of dating has never been easy, but as new research suggests its smell first, followed by our remaining senses. Hence the question “Can I smell your armpit please?” may be just the answer, even if you’re not into frottage. And I thought the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. If you put this theory to the test, please let me know if there’s some truth to this Scent of Desire. I’m certainly going to give it a try before I share a milkshake. At this stage of the game, who needs rational thought – I quite like the idea of beauty behind the beast.