Lost love is a life sentence! No matter what you do, where you go or who you’re with – the memories are chained to that part of you who desperately needs to forget. They follow your shadow like ghosts clawing at your wound as they pick away at your soul. Heroism doesn’t count here. Nope, crazed crying, kicking and screaming doesn’t make the monster disappear and just so you know, neither does ingesting copious amounts of mind altering ‘free me, share the love’ psychedelics (this is not the sixties). What is it about lost love that imprisons your heart on the spike of truth? Sadly I must admit no easy answer here – I’m still the coward hanging onto painful reminders. And yes, I’ve tossed them in the machine (extra suds) in hope of washing away the dirt, I’ve googled ‘forget about your ex and live your best life (note the spirituality) … but they all said the same thing; don’t call (no worry there he left the country), find a hobby (what between feeling sorry for myself), keep busy (hey, I’m a single mother of three), remove the pics (hiccup here, the boys) … any useful suggestions? Ah yes, Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened. Why thank-you Dr. Seuss but I think it might be easier to eat green eggs and ham. Oh fuck that idea. It seemed like a plan though, until I realized Seussville doesn’t exist and the fact that green eggs might kill me. And who needs that?

So what do you do when you finally realize that it’s easier to let go than to hold on to something that’s turning your life into a puss-ball? Well I say before you stick your head in the sand pretending you’re an ostrich, follow yellow brick road, meet up with Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman and Cowardly Lion. Buy a decent pair of red shoes, click your heels three times and believe you’ll soon find the brains to move on, the heart to love again and the courage to set yourself free. Even if it’s only in Oz, eventually it’ll become a reality while you learn that you have to forgive to forget and forget to feel again. Oh yes, one last thing … just by saying “You are the weakest link – Goodbye!” is your quantum of solace.