AllDogsAreForSalePetStoreSignThe one with the big shiny car…well at least that’s how the jingle morphs when the cutest pups grow into old dogs. Nothing improves with age, except wine. Yep, next time I go window shopping, I’ll take a bottle of chardonnay along ‘cause what I see sure doesn’t make me want to run home and break open my piggy bank. And ditto for the dog, I suppose. What is it about old dogs that make you think twice before you decide to give a poor dog a bone? No, not that type of bone, that’s too easy. All a gal needs to do is check out the local park to see who’s indiscriminately peeing on benches. But the chance of sneaking home with your tail between your legs is as guaranteed as the embarrassment felt with a visit to the gynae. I mean, how much will it cost emotionally; when he licks his own balls, humps the fire hose, takes a stroll down the block, takes over the bed, eats your knickers (that could be weird, but it happens) or just wants to be top dog (all the time, sigh!).

We’ve all had a furry best friend, and lost a few, we know the heartache of replacement. So what do we do when we think we’ve found one that may just be worth giving up a little love loot? Do we break the bank? Do we go for broke? Or do we take him out for a walk (on a leash) to see how he behaves? At this stage dog training shouldn’t be necessary and you cannot teach an old dogs new tricks, so forget it, no matter how enticing the idea of finding ol’ faithful sounds. Nonetheless, the idea sure makes me want to take one home to make ‘woofy’ – forget the consequences – we could even share the bed without having to worry about the single parent sleepover dilemma – no sneaking around necessary. Every dog has its day…so maybe we still have a dog’s chance. Hm, (wo)man’s best friend. I like the idea, don’t you? But I’m just window shopping – without a penny in my purse!