Maintenance sucks but it’s part of every day life, well at least for some. You know, like breakdown maintenance – when it’s too late. We’ve delayed the rumble far too long and now the cow is fucked. The preventative maintenance forgotten, ‘cause we’d rather spend that on shoes (like all women! At least that’s what those from Mars think). We pay a high price for this type of maintenance; it usually includes a lifetime investment. And finally, there’s supportive maintenance, you know, to keep all you cherish in good working order like weekly facials, pedis and manis, hairdos and gym sessions for the sagging bits. Oops, I haven’t mentioned children, those little gems that keep us going. How could I forget? Which brings me to my point…What is it about maintenance that turns some fathers into deadbeat dads?

It’s easy to delay car payments, machine rattles and broken lights. Hell, I’ve given-up on shoes never mind the seduction of a good stress relieving massage. What I cannot ignore are my children; they need clothes, an education, a meal, healthcare and a place to sleep – these are necessities – I won’t mention the outings, the extra curricular, computers, sports equipment and the odd toy and maybe a pizza. Luckily, love is free but even that comes at a price for absent fathers who can’t even guarantee responsibility for their own children. So yes, you could say I’m pretty pissed off with dads who don’t contribute to the financial fuckin’ burden not to mention the fact I’ve had to sacrifice much-needed personal upkeep. What are single mothers, fucking cash cows? Okay, maybe cows, but WTF? Single moms have rights too! So please tell me what do we do when we simply cannot make ends meet? When trying to ensure the kids know daddy cares is a fairytale (omg, this one sends the screwdriver straight to the heart). When your little one chants his love for a daddy who isn’t there? When he doesn’t even realize that the kids pay until he does? When the strain of being everything begins to erode values and maintenance becomes a dirty word?

Well I say, hold your head up high because you’re the heroine in this temporary nightmare. It takes more balls to care for your clan than it does to pack your bags and leave on a jet plane – with or without a good pair on Manolo Blahniks!