Yes, this is really happening! I’m heading to Electric Mansion for some super sexy sounds, hot sweaty hunks and and and…oh heavens…as long as they don’t think I’m a lost mom who arrived too early to collect the kids, I should hold my own. So here goes! I replaced the mutton with lamb – a sleek swathe of cool gray (no not the hair, washed the gray right out of that), an armful of bling and a pair of faux croc skin stilettos (can’t go wrong with a pair of those can you?). Despite this, I just couldn’t shake the feeling of being too old for dancing. Talk about weird – 16 trying to be 21, now 38 and still trying to be 21 – it doesn’t get any easier. Anyhow, here I am ready to send my body to emancipated ecstasy as I dance my way to psychic sex, which got me wondering, what is it about dancing that makes us want to turn up the heat? And I’m not talking about Barney’s I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family … more like it’s time to get out of my head and let my body do the talking. Hell, I’m off to share in humanity and to check out a little dad dancing. Just press foreplay! I’ll take care of the pause in thought tomorrow while my pleasure centre swoons as I battle to walk, but hey, at least I’ll be smiling; high on endorphins and euphoric on dopamine – now that’s what I call a natural prick-up! Ahh, music for my soul, but next time I’m definitely doing the pole dance!