Valentine's Day

Love it or hate it, the cute commercialism of Valentine’s Day is here to stay. That said, the movement towards anti-valentine’s day celebrations is echoed by more than just the broken-hearted single and why shouldn’t it? Modern-day culture demands more than coupling; independence is cherished and the ability to declare ones single status is almost revered. So if you’re feeling down on this day of love, why not turn your sentiment towards those who are truly alone – it’s a profound way of committing yourself to a valid humanitarian cause.

Have you noticed that VD and V-Day are connected to the words Valentine’s Day? Coincidence? I think not. St Valentine was stoned, clubbed and beheaded after all. And we celebrate this by trading cheap chocolate, expensive red roses and clichéd hallmark moments while a slew of companies rake in profits from our twisted ideal of love. Not to mention the thought of a fat little cherub named cupid shooting an arrow into your heart, ouch! So it seems the history of Valentine’s is steeped in violence and now days it is clearly marked at those we should protect.

So what is it about this cynical corruption of cupid that has people leaping into false declarations of love instead of supporting red-letter days that really make a difference? What! Besides the mass commercialism, the fear of landing in the dog-house or the fact that on 14 February we’re expected to openly proclaim our love. Who knows, but whatever the reasons, it’s not too late to give your Valentine something they’ll never forget!