Can you see me?I am the one who wakes in the morning after restless sleep to face the dreary commute into the gallows of corporate slavery. And yet you fail to recognise you have a warm place to rest and a satisfied belly. I am the one who wears a mask of bravery as I battle the world to support our family. And yet you do not notice that I am wounded and in need of protection. I am the one who silently walks through life with a smile trying to shield loved ones from sadness. And yet you deny the strength it takes to conquer each little challenge. I am the one who went back to school to improve my contribution to the world. And yet you belittle my efforts constantly. I am the one who sometimes feels lost but finds the strength to struggle forward. And yet you knock me down with each wrong turn. I am the one who desperately seeks harmony, a haven in which to recover from the daily grind of life. And yet you raise war with your relentless hypocrisy. I am the one doing all that I can to make our lives better. And yet you are the only one who seems to benefit. I am the one who wishes to be seen for who I am, for what I have given and what lies in my heart. And yet who I am is not good enough, what I have given unnoticed and what lies in my heart empty. I can hear you, can you hear me? I can feel you, can you feel me? I can see you, can you see me?