My vicarious travels

Somewhat cynical ramblings about books, backyards and internal things

Wish List

  1. Finally write that story screaming to become a novel
  2. Buy a Harley Sportster for my 40th birthday (metallic burgundy & chrome). Better make that 50.
  3. Move into a blue wooden beach house (the one I see in my dreams)
  4. Become a social media guru (oh, the delight of playful connections). Bam! Hire me! Please.
  5. Spend my days filling pages with the words in my head
  6. Fall in love again. Thank god I’m not going to be a spinster!
  7. Travel with the wind for a full month
  8. Save one starfish at a time
  9. Abseil – yes, I actually want to hang around a little!
  10. Plant a food garden
  11. Get another tattoo (one with wings of angels & dragonflies)
  12. Celebrate under the stars with friends (gourmet picnic and bubbles)
  13. Learn to play the saxophone (but a guitar will do)

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